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Jascha is an artist and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam and Bologna, known for his multidisciplinary approach and innovative ideas. He is particularly interested in the relationship between social interaction and space-time, and how his own experiences shape his perception of the world.

As a social entrepreneur, Jascha has a proven track record of establishing and managing successful ventures in Bologna. These include a trendy cocktail bar and cultural center, a festival, and a fast-food bar. All of these venues are part of the cultural embassy project, which Jascha runs with his partner Nunzia and which promotes diversity, accessibility, inclusion and sustainability.

As a member of the cultural embassy, Jascha is actively involved in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the cultural sector. The embassy serves as a hub for cultural exchange and interaction between individuals of all abilities and backgrounds. With the goal of creating an inclusive and accessible environment, the embassy supports professional development in the cultural field and employment opportunities for people with challenges.

Overall, Jascha is a forward-thinking and adaptable individual who is constantly seeking out new opportunities. He is passionate about using art and culture to bring people together and is committed to advancing inclusivity and accessibility in the cultural sector.